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Dr. Gregory Ohanian and the GO Orthodontics team are proud to provide the highest possible quality treatment and outstanding orthodontic care in a fun, relaxed environment to make you feel like you're family. We aim to help the Eagle Rock, Glendale, Silver Lake and surrounding communities by helping instill confidence by creating healthy, stunning smiles.



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Meet Dr. Ohanian

Dr. Gregory Ohanian was born and raised in Pasadena and has been lucky enough to open an office in Eagle Rock.  Driven by his love for his community and his passion for instilling confidence in others, Dr. Ohanian enjoys creating beautiful smiles and healthy bites that will last a lifetime.

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At GO Orthodontics, we strive to provide exceptional care and attention to each and every patient. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, ensuring that your visit is as comfortable as possible.  Our goal is to create raving fans who want to leave us 5-star reviews, but most importably, leave smiling more confidently, more often. Our passion is your smile!

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This was the most organized doctors office I have been to. Everyone who works here is professional, caring, and nice. The front desk ladies were in constant communication with the Dentist and assistants making each visit feel as smooth as possible. I'm very happy with my Invisalign results!

- Anna A. -

Go Orthodontists was amazing from the very beginning and each step along the way! Everyone in the office is so friendly. The front desk staff knows you by name and they are very accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments. They even called other patients to switch appointments when I had a scheduling conflict. I am beyond happy with the outcome of my teeth and never imagined having such a great experience with braces! Highly recommend x1000!
- Samantha D-

My daughter received her braces here. The price and financing was great, but most of all the customer service from front to back office was always friendly and thorough. Dr. Ohanian is a perfectionist, and we are in tears we are so happy with the results. Thank you GO Orthodontics

- Kel McG -

GO Orthodontics exceeded our expectations in every way! My daughter just got her braces off, so I can speak about this office from every angle from start to finish. Each and every conversation, appointment and interaction with the office was excellent. Logistically, the parking is easy, they have really convenient hours (nights and weekends), they send text reminders, and the office is clean and bright. It was never a problem to find convenient appointment times and they always fit is in quickly if there as an issue (broken bracket!). Each staff member is kind, efficient and professional (even when we were late for appointments and needed extra rubber bands). They knew our names, sent my daughter birthday cards, and helped her pick out the perfect rubber band colors. And, now that her braces are off, we are thrilled! She loves her new smile! We highly recommend.

- Nancy G-

This office is the epitome of modern healthcare. The doctor is very knowledgeable, caring, and funny. He answered all of my questions in a way that I can understand. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the office is modern and clean, decked with all of the newest technologies. They specialize only in orthodontics, so you know you’re not getting a dentist who’s a jack of all trades, master of none. They provide traditional braces, clear braces, Invisalign and lingual braces.  Highly recommend this office for your orthodontic needs.
- Shaunt Martin K.-

This is the best place to go for braces! It is extremely clean. The staff is very friendly and professional. I have brought all three of my children here for braces and HIGHLY recommend it!

- Virginia J. -

Dr Ohanian was one of the most professional orthodontist I've met. He encouraged me to ask questions and was extremely knowledgeable in his profession. His staff was friendly and also answered any questions I had which led me to believe they too were well qualified to be there, I wasn't left with any "i don't know, let me ask the doctor", type of responses. I also was recommended here by my dentist after endlessly searching for the right place I felt comfortable with. I came here for an initial consultation so I can go home and decide which place I would go to, to get braces. To my surprise I ended up leaving with my braces simply because of how professional they were and are. My girlfriend will most likely come here to get her Invisalign after recommending them to her. Thanks Dr. Ohanian..."

- Gil O. -

I’ve never written a Yelp review before, but I feel really passionate about sharing my experience with Dr. Ohanian. I'm an adult orthodontic patient, who has always wanted to straighten her teeth and who spent a great deal of time preparing to do so--financially, in terms of commitment to staying in one city long enough, and mentally. Two years ago, I finally began the journey of orthodontic treatment with ANOTHER practice in Glendale.  To be frank, I had a fairly unfortunate experience with that other orthodontist: after a year and a half of Invisalign, followed by four months of traditional braces, I was left with a noticeably imperfect smile and a retainer that did little to keep my teeth in place. I also had a substantial open bite in the back of my mouth, caused by collisions in the front that prevented me from being able to close my teeth properly (making chewing very frustrating).  Even worse, whenever I'd visit that other orthodontist, I encountered impatient indifference, my concerns were casually ignored or dismissed, and I recognized a distinct difference in the standard of care I received, based on whether I went to my appointments alone or with my boyfriend. My teeth were regressing every day, and my original provider was completely uninterested in helping.  I knew I had to find someone else to help me. That brings me to meeting Dr. Ohanian...  I began searching for another orthodontist to correct the problems I inherited from my first doctor.  I searched Yelp, reviewed websites, and began scheduling consultations.  First, I visited a different top-rated practice in Pasadena, where I was treated kindly, but was told I would need at least another year and a half of treatment and would have to more than duplicate my original investment. I was distraught and in disbelief since my teeth had already traveled so far from their original arrangement (and looked pretty darn straight!), and while I knew correction was still necessary, I expected some fine-tuning, rather than a complete re-start.  Next, I called GO Orthodontics...Dr. Ohanian's Office Coordinator, Alannah, was immediately sympathetic, caring, and comprehensive over the phone, and she arranged a special quick turn-around visit for me with Dr. Ohanian, to ensure we arrested further regression.  Dr. Ohanian saw me two days later, coming in on his day off to make it work, and he spent an enormous amount of time patiently reviewing my history and explaining a reasonable plan to successfully complete my needed treatment. Not only do I completely trust that the finish line is NOT even close to another year and a half away, but also I'm grateful that Dr. Ohanian was upfront and accommodating in telling me about my likely continued access to Invisalign services, based on my previous financial commitment to the Invisalign system with my former practitioner.  I am so relieved to have found a genuinely patient-focused orthodontist. Dr. Ohanian's practice is a new one, but that also means that he is going incredibly out of his way to build a loyal and grateful clientele.  He has designed a space that is warm and thoughtfully arranged, with clean and thorough technological equipment (trust me: I've seen other circumstances), and a very comfortable vibe.  And the general tone here is one of true authenticity: Dr. Ohanian's passion for his work is both obvious and infectious. Alannah is engaging and conscientious.  I feel so lucky to have found GO Orthodontics, and I completely trust this practice to remedy my situation.  In fact, in finding Dr. Ohanian, I feel equally grateful to have a new highly competent and careful doctor as I feel fortunate to have made a new friend.  I look forward to pursuing treatment with him."

- Elisabeth -

Beyond the most amazing place to get orthodontic treatment! Extremely friendly staff, and everyone makes sure to make you feel at home! Highly recommend and will always continue to recommend them. Thank you guys for perfecting my smile! I'm beyond thankful for you all!"

- Jessica Guerra-Rodriguez -

I had the most amazing experience at GO Orthodontics! After my first ortho experience with another doctor had gone completely wrong, my teeth were completely ruined, and I was very skeptical and concerned about who I would go to to fix my teeth. Luckily I was referred to Dr. O by a friend and thought I would give him a try during my second round of braces. Dr. O. has been so patient with me, considering I’m a major perfectionist, I drove him crazy! He listened to what I wanted and took every step possible to help me achieve my desired goal. I can’t thank him and his staff enough for being so great, and giving me the perfect smile I’ve been aiming for! Thank you again, I will definitely be showing off my teeth forever and telling everyone about how wonderful you guys are! =)"

- Life of Evvie -

I transferred to Dr. Ohanian from another orthodontics office since I was not happy with the results and they were practically pushing me to take them off. I was 1.5 years in with my braces and 7 months till my 21st birthday. I was eager to find a new orthodontics, but I did not want to settle. I found GO Orthodontics from a recommendation by a close friend and through research I decided to finish my braces treatment at GO Orthodontics. Frankly, the best decision. To briefly back track, I came to Dr. Ohanian in July 2017 regarding my situation and concerns (I really really wanted them off for my 21st). He kindly provided an in depth explanation of my current teeth situation and some of the things he’ll do to perfect my smile, hopefully in time for my 21st birthday. He made no promise and I respected that. During my short time with Dr. Ohanian, I received genuine service from not only him, but his assistant Jules. Each visit, Dr. Ohanian examined my teeth, explained the existing condition and what will be done today. Jules completed the monthly procedure of changing my bands and such. He worked efficiently and quick and I much appreciated it since I now live almost an hour away (worth the drive). What stood out to me each visit was how sincere Dr. Ohanian and his staffs are to their work and patients. In other words, Dr. Ohanian is a perfectionist so the tracks won’t be off till your smile is 100%. With that said, my self-discipline of proper brush, floss and use of rubber bands along with Dr. Ohanian and Jule’s work, we were able to take my braces off in time for my 21st. Together they polished my teeth, made my retainers within the same day, and sent me off with a Colgate smile. It was a bittersweet goodbye, but I definitely enjoyed my time here. Thank you Dr. Ohanian and your team!"

- Tawny Nguyen -I was recommended here by a friend after mentioning my interest in getting Invisalign. I have been so happy with my Invisalign process with GO Orthodontics that I would recommend them to anyone seeking orthodontic work. The office is very modern, and its clear keeping up with new technologies and advanced treatment methods is a top priority for the team. Witnessing Dr. Ohanian's interactions with other patients and his team  demonstrated the importance he places on the overall office experience.
GO Orthodontics has made me feel extremely confident with my decision to undergo treatment, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Dr. Ohanian!"

- Tawny Nguyen-

I was recommended here by a friend after mentioning my interest in getting Invisalign. I have been so happy with my Invisalign process with GO Orthodontics that I would recommend them to anyone seeking orthodontic work. The office is very modern, and its clear keeping up with new technologies and advanced treatment methods is a top priority for the team. Witnessing Dr. Ohanian's interactions with other patients and his team  demonstrated the importance he places on the overall office experience.
GO Orthodontics has made me feel extremely confident with my decision to undergo treatment, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Dr. Ohanian!"

- Marlen B. -

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